Pet Information

The benefit of owning your own home is being able to have a family pet like a dog or cat.  
However, when living in a community setting like Hunters Ridge, you have to keep in mind
that most of the property outside of your unit is considered "community property" and is
shared with other residents, their children, and their pets.  Dogs are a primary concern
for many homeowners as well as the Board because they relieve themselves on common
grounds that are open to all residents.

To ensure the safety of all residents and preserve the cleanliness of the property, there
are some rules for pets, specifically dogs, in the neighborhood:
All dogs must be licensed with the Village and wear their license at all times while
on the property.

Homeowners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets no matter where the
mess happens!  Every effort should be made to clean up dog waste multiple
times per week.  Rule of thumb: 1 dog = at least 2 clean ups a week, 2 dogs = at
least 3 clean ups a week, etc.

Homeowners are responsible for repairing any damages caused by their pet.  If a
dog's urine bleaches out the grass and it is not repaired by the homeowner, the
Association will contract the repairs out to the landscaping company and the
homeowner will be billed for the repairs..

When outside, all dogs must be on a leash or a secured tie-out.  Attaching a
leash to a dog's collar and letting him/her run around is not acceptable.  Dogs
should be "attached" to its owner or its home at all times.

Homeowners are responsible for all actions of their pets.  This includes damages
to other units or community property and injuries other homeowners or animals
that are caused by the pet.
Hunters Ridge Condo Association
Local Dog Parks

There are several off-leash dog parks located nearby in Kenosha County.  If you are new
to dog parks, please read the rules of "petiquette" that are posted
Warren Close Bark Park
35610 89th Street in Twin Lakes
About 15 minutes away
Annual license required ($25) or buy a daily pass at the park ($5)
Bring your own water and water dish
Separate areas for large and small dogs

Burlington Dog Park
480 S. Calumet St. in Burlington
About 20 minutes away
Waste bags and water dishes are provided on site

Old Settler Park
42100 75th Street in Salem
About 30 minutes away
Annual license required ($25) or buy a daily pass at the park ($5)
Monetary and waste bag donations accepted at park entrance
"Temporary" park so not all fencing is permanent at this time

The Hunters Ridge Condo Association is providing this information as a courtesy to neighborhood residents.  The Association is not responsible tor park rules or changes.